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Evan Cleaver, The Acting Coach

Awaken Your
Inner Actor

In order to become the best actor you can be, you have to unleash the best version of yourself. These acting classes are specially designed to do just that. From group classes to individualized sessions, Evan Cleaver knows exactly how to foster personal development and build an acting career.

Why Acting?

The reason I became an Acting Coach

Acting is a great artistic outlet. It creates a space for people to express their emotions in a healthy manner. The experience of learning how to act often leaves students with a greater understanding of themselves and others, and how they can get out of their comfort zone and achieve larger goals in life. Acting inspires innovation, creativity, and builds problem solving capabilities, which is why I’m so passionate about teaching these invaluable skills to anyone who is seeking personal growth.

The Wizard of Hollywood

What do producers, directors, and casting directors want? The answer is YOU! This six-week workshop dives into the most important and interesting character you’ll ever have… yourself.

Bring Yourself to the Scene

Learn how to bring your authentic self to any scene. If you’re preparing for an audition in TV, film, or theater, this class is perfect for you! The classes will also build on acting skills that you may already have in your toolbox in order to bring the most compelling version of yourself to any character.

College Prep Workshop

Preparing to enter the highly competitive world of acting? Getting into a strong college, university, or art school is essential to laying the foundation for a successful career in acting. Here you’ll learn how to select and succeed with a monologue that shows your best self.

Private Coaching/ Consulting

Have an upcoming audition that you need more help with? Seeking personal advice on how to become a better actor? Looking for a private way to give acting a shot? One-on-one coaching is available for any of these needs and more!

I'm delighted to share acting techniques with you.

Why are people choosing us?

We have something for everyone!

Our acting classes offer the extra boost of courage and confidence that you need to progress as an actor, public speaker, or just grow as a person! We offer courses based on real years of experience and education.
Our Qualification Features

Why people choosing us

Request for Consultation

If you’re looking to take your acting career to the next level, or if you’re just starting out, there’s a class for you. Submit your name and email below to request more information.

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