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3 Tips to Help You Get into Character

Getting into the mindset of someone other than yourself can be challenging. But, here are 5 professional acting tips and things to imagine to help you get into character before you get on the main stage.


  1. What’s on your nightstand?

Imagine what your character would keep on their nightstand or in their nightstand. Maybe they’ve got their reading glasses and their favorite book. Maybe they’ve got a slice of half-eaten pizza and a bottle of mountain dew. Or maybe, they don’t even have a nightstand, and their phone is charging on the floor beside their bed. This can help you get into the mindset of how your character woke up that morning, and how they’re feeling in the scene you’re about to act out.


  1. What are your mannerisms?

Once you’re comfortable with your character and know your lines extremely well, try to imagine the specific mannerisms that they would have to go with each line. What makes them tick? What would make them roll their eyes? What would make them smile from ear to ear? This can help you learn to stay in character 100% of the time while you’re on stage. When other characters are talking, you should be reacting constantly to keep your character’s personality shining through.


  1. What cologne or perfume do you smell like?

What aroma would best suit your character? Go to a department store and pick out a scent based on what you know about them. An old acting trick is to wear a different perfume or cologne for each character that you play. Utilizing your sense of smell can help you be transported into the character’s life on a moment’s notice. 


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